Will adding Solar Shingles increase my Property Taxes?2022-03-21T20:23:32+00:00

No, With Florida’s Property Tax Exclusion for Residential Renewable Energy Property, your Solar Shingle energy system will NOT result in an increase in property tax.

Is there a Federal Tax Credit for installing Solar Shingles?2022-03-21T20:17:20+00:00

Yes, there is a 26% Solar Tax Credit of the cost of installing Solar Shingles from 3MG. You will not have to pay sales tax when you buy your solar energy system, thanks to the Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption.

Can adding Solar Shingles increase the value of my home?2022-03-21T20:07:22+00:00
Yes, adding Solar Shingles from 3MG can increase the value of your home. Installing solar panels in your home not only helps to reduce the current electric bill, it can potentially increase the home’s value by up to 4%
Will I Save Money by installing Solar Shingles?2022-03-21T20:00:03+00:00

Yes, you can save money by installing Solar ShinglesSolar Shingles. The amount of savings/cost is dependent on several factors. The first variable is the size of your roof. A larger roofs will increase the capacity of solar shingles. Increasing the number of shingles will help bring down the cost of your monthly electric bill. Contact us for a FREE solar evaluation and we can create a custom proposal for you.

What are the benefits of adding solar panels to my roof2022-01-24T20:10:22+00:00
What are the steps in having my roof replaced?2022-01-24T20:24:32+00:00
What are the benefits of a new roof2022-01-24T20:24:18+00:00

Increased Property Value

A new roof will increase property value, which makes your home much easier to sell.

It’s a Great Investment

A new roof is one of the best home improvements  you can invest in. The average return on investment is around 70%!

Curb Appeal

It is estimated that your roof is around 40 percent of your home’s curb appeal.

Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Older roofs are more likely to leak air causing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain your desired indoor temperature. A new roof allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently, thus saving you money on your monthly energy bills. You can also explore the benefits of adding a 3MG Solar System to your new or existing roof to increase your energy savings, add value to your home, and help the environment! See all the benefits of 3MG Solar here.


A new roof can help to prevent health hazards, like mold and mildew, keeping you, your family, and your property safe.


An old roof in some cases may become dangerous by collapsing or cause part of the home to become unstable. Don’t risk everything that you cherish! Your home, your family, your valuables, and your memories all are protected by your roof.

Upgrade Your Home

Maybe it’s time for some change. Your new roof can have windows or skylights installed, which will give an added value to your home and make it more enjoyable all around. Make your house feel new again.

Do I need a new roof?2022-01-24T20:23:12+00:00

Signs you may need a new roof


Central Florida has its share of increment weather. High-speed winds and hail can often cause repairable damage. A roofing professional can help evaluate the level of roof damage and suggest necessary repair or replacement.


A major sign that you need a new roof or repairs to your roof at the least is a leak. Small leaks can grow and become large leaks. Large leaks which can lead to a bigger problem, damage to your property and possessions! 3MG Roofing and Solar can help you identify the cause of your leak, and advise on the best course of action to keep you, your family, and your property safe.


Roofs made of wood or asphalt can start to decay rot when they’ve reached the end of their lifespan. Shingles will become brittle and decay over time. Cracked, curled, or falling shingles indicate that they are decayed and need to be replaced. A full replacement may be necessary depending on the amount of decay.


A sagging ceiling, stains or discoloration is often caused by moisture from a roof leak. This should be assessed by a roofing professional immediately and never ignored.


If you can see small streaks of light or cracks of daylight shining through the roof from the attic, this is a clear sign that the roof is damaged or shingles are missing.


If your roof is more than 20 years old, you may be due for a new one. You can have your roof evaluated by a professional roofer to help you determine the age and condition of your roof.


Roof Shingles can lose granules over time or due to weather conditions. They may start to look bare in spots or patchy. Granules serve as protection for the shingles and roof, so losing granule protection will  cause faster decay of your roof.


A roof missing shingles or broken shingles is a clear indication that the roof should be replaced. It is a good idea to contact a professional roofer as soon as possible to avoid a further loss of your property’s protection.


Moss holds excess moisture, so removing moss from the roof can prevent future damage. Moss growing on the roof shingles can also be removed with a bleach and water mixture or can be carefully brushed away. In many cases, the moss is only superficial, but it should be checked by a professional.


Pests and critters may cause damage to your roof by trying to make a nest. Small holes in the roof can be repaired after the pests are removed,  preventing further damage to the roof and property.

What is 3MG?2022-01-24T20:22:41+00:00

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